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Dear Beloved Friends,

We would like to ask you to support us in our 2022 projects. Our organization was founded in January 2021, so we need a lot of help so that we can start our projects next year, 2022. Without your help, we will not be able to cary out our mission.


Below is our wish list concerning projects:

We hope to begin in 2022 with a focus on the following countries: Vietnam, Bolivia, Cambodia, Laos, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, and Thailand with:

1/ Sponsor students: $150 per student per year. Our goal is to help at least 200 students.
2/ Sponsor livestock and plants: $5,000 each village. Our goal is to help at least 8 villages 

3/ Food and clean water for each village: $5,000. Our goal is to help at least 8 villages.
4/ Clean water system from $10,000 - $20,000 depend on the population and location.

In partnership with you, One Hope One Future, wishes to help as many poor people as possible. We cannot do it alone. In fact, it is hardly be possible. But with your help so much can be done. Please help us begin our mission and give God hands to help his poor.

Your Beloved, 




  • Providing scholarships to students in need

  • Building schools

  • Helping with school supplies


Sustaining lives

  • Providing livestock, seedlings, working tools/supplies

  • Food, shelter, clean water

  • Medication



We are hoping to provide mission trips for people from the United States. It is important to have experiences with the poor outside of the US. Mission trips will help us see God in others.

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